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Rosin Press - Trap Cage & Cylinder

The Trap Cage rosin press features a unique trapezoid shape heat plates provide large surface area with great control of the rosin flow.  Size: 13" (l) x 5" (w) x 12" (h) Weight: 40lbs. Ideal for high-quality, high-efficiency rosin production. Operates with a hydraulic pump (Not Included). Power Supply: 110v/120v 1P 60hz Input: 15A Output: 3.5


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Streamline Manufacturing: The Turn-Key Solvent-less Solution

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  • Complete Facility Development: We offers customized floor plan designs to help create the optimal extraction facility.
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  • Custom Data Spreadsheet with Equipment Validation: Access Rosin provides customized system throughput analysis and equipment validation to identify the systems maximum throughput and processing times and expectations, so you can make informed decisions about solvent-less manufacturing plans.
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