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Partnership Program

Full-Service Processing

Based on cost per gram

Access Rosin is proud to introduce our by state partnership program, designed to provide comprehensive, all-inclusive processing services to our partners across the United States. This program ensures seamless operations with on-site operators, state-of-the-art equipment, and a cost-effective pricing model based on cost per gram processed.

How To Join

1. Initial Consultation 

Schedule a consultation and discuss your specific needs and requirements.

Book Appointment 

2. Custom Proposal

We will develop a custom proposal outlining the services, equipment, and pricing.

3.  Agreement and Setup

Our team will coordinate the delivery and setup of equipment and assign on-site operators.

4. Ongoing Support 

Continuous support and maintenance to ensure uninterrupted and efficient processing.

Services Provided

On-Site Operators

Expert technicians to manage the processing operations.

Equipment Delivery

Delivery and setup of Access Rosin's state-of-the-art extraction equipment.


Comprehensive processing services, from raw material handling to finished product.

Pricing Model

Cost Per Gram

Transparent and competitive pricing based on the amount of material processed. Rates vary by region to reflect local market conditions and logistical considerations.

Regional Coverage

Only 1 partnership will be issued per state

U.S. States

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Ready to Elevate Your Extraction Capabilities?

Leverage the Power of Access Rosin's Partnership Program and Take your Business to the Next Level.